Vale Terry Turner 17/06/60- 10/01/09 always in our hearts and memories. Phil, Chris and all at ATS. Greatly missed never forgotten.

Australian Touring Services began operating in February 2002, our growth has been rapid and our client base very impressive. We look for opportunities where we can offer solutions that are smarter, faster, safer and more cost effective. We are pro-active and quick to act, often leaving bigger and more cumbersome organisations in our wake. With over 90 years combined experience within this specialised industry we are able to offer a reliable, professional and personalised service that far exceeds our client’s expectations.

As the Industry has developed & gone through changes, so has ATS, the Live Event, Music & Theatre Industries are our life blood, ATS is part of the Culture & we continually monitor & correct our direction to ensure we are there for you the for the long term.

Some of the recent changes ATS has undertaken are, our entire fleet of trucks & trailers are fitted with the latest MT Data Hawke-Eye GPS Tracking Technology, ensuring that every single ATS truck or trailer IS trackable online, we run a 24-7 operation, out-side of Business hours we have a night shift operation constantly monitoring, tracking & keeping in touch with our Line Haul drivers – Tracking progress to ensure that every delivery is on track with our clients requirements.

In June 2015 our Prime Mover fleet have been fitted with the latest release of MT Data Hawke-Eye Fatigue Management technology, which is consistent with the ATS Chain of Responsibility (COR) commitments, and the entire fleet of Trailers have the complete upgrade of the MT Data Hawke-Eye GPS Tracking system to ensure that we have real time monitoring of each trailer, this has been a huge commercial commitment to ensuring our level of service is never compromised.

We have always been at the forefront of the Industry, developing new equipment, such as the introduction of 48’ Touring Trailers, and 16’ load ramps, introducing the latest LED technology into the trailers to ensure day light work environments, and a strong Industry presence ensuring you always have a freight person there when you need it.

Over the years we have branched away from the ‘standard’ services being offered, there is nothing standard about this Industry and we know it, we refer to a ‘diverse suite of products’ we have tailored. The products have been refined over the years, modern, fresh & keep up with the Industries requirements. We have always been the “Go to freight guys” and we want to stay that way, Welcome to the NEW ATS.

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