In May 2014 ATS Logistics handled an exclusive Chartered 767-300 Freighter from Sydney to Auckland, the movement was part of a deal with the band which had ATS Logistics loading an exclusive Freighter aircraft consisting of approx 170m3 & 35000 kilos of band equipment, lighting & video equipment on a tight schedule from All Phones Arena in Sydney to Vector Arena in Auckland.
We loaded the aircraft pallets in the rear carpark/ loading dock of All Phones Arena with our field loading team, the trucks were loaded with a 7 tonne forklift & delivered to Sydney Airport on specialised flat top trucks with a unique chain rolling system to run the LD7 PMC’s end to end.
The Charter flew the following morning, ATS Logistics has an exclusive deal through our NZ Agent to take the aircraft pallets from the secure Airside location where the aircraft is unloaded into the Bond Store for storage, the pallets were delivered in tact to Vector arena with no handling in-between allowing the Production to unload the units at the loading dock of the venue ensuring the integrity of the goods were not comprimised in transit.
Author: ats-adm1n
Post Date: 24.07.2014