Good afternoon for those who don’t know me, I’m Phil Duncan, Terry’s mate and business partner I have known Terry since 1980, when he commenced work with TNT roadfast, I was based in Sydney and Terry was in Brisbane.

TNT was a great training ground and we made many friends that have stayed with us both, since that time, some are with us today some unable to attend. Here today, are , Norm Wonky Harris, Mick Travelos, and Mick Gattenby and of course Graham Fear has sent his own message and Kevin Turnbull who was a great mate and mentor sends his thoughts. I apologise if I have missed any one.

In about ’88-‘89 we worked together again for Brambles, Terry in Brisbane, me in Sydney, although his time at Brambles was not long. The story goes – that Terry was attending a weekend state conference where, during one of the workshops Terry suggested to the then state manger in front of about 40 conference attendees, that perhaps the state manager was not telling the whole truth. Needless to say his career with Brambles was over the following Monday.

Now, I know who was telling the truth that day, and it wasn’t the state manager. Terry went on to K&S after that, back with Kevin Tunbull for about 4 years. Then in 1993 we came back together to work at Showgroup, again, Terry at the Gold Coast and me in Sydney, both of us working and learning from Graham Fear. In ‘95 Terry came to Sydney to take on the role of manager for the “tour trucking” divison of Showgroup, a roll that Terry took too – like a fish to water. I guess most of you know the rest, in 2002 after the collapse of Ansett, Terry, Chris & I established ATS, looking back now it has been a remarkable journey.

I would like to share some words from his business associates and mates within the industry that we received in the past week;


Jon Pope writes:

The man that never said “no I can’t help”. Who answered the phone anytime 24/7. My mate, my boss, my saviour on so many times, I will miss you.


Howard Freeman writes:

Terry always gave more the he took. He cared for others more than himself. Always looked forward never back. Shared his knowledge as both mentor and mate.  He always remained grounded and real.  Was called tossa but never became one.


Markus Whitaker ABC:

It was a privilege to work with Terry and I knew him as an exceptionally hard working business man, whose two great loves were his family, and the business. His acute business sense and unique sense of humour will be greatly missed by all.

This quiet guy, who did remain unassuming and never got caught up in the glitz and glamour or the egos of the business he worked in, worked on most of the biggest tours ever to tour this country. For those of you who don’t know, I will name but a few:

  • Janet Jackson “all over the planet” 1995
  • Tina Turner “wildest dreams” 1996
  • Rolling Stones “licks” 2003
  • Rolling Stones “bigger bang” 2007
  • U2 vertigo 2005
  • AC-DC ball breaker 1995
  • Robbie Williams close encounters 2006
  • Pink “I’m not dead” 2007
  • Andre Rieu a Venice night 2008
  • And every Big Day Out since 1996

I know many of his BDO family are here today and they will know what I mean when I say that “Terry’s other family thank you for your thoughts and support during this difficult time”. I think these were his highlights, And what I remember most is, whilst he was doing these big shows he was looking after the little guys. I don’t know how he did it, and I think most times we never knew he was doing it !!!  But he did it just the same.

It was all written on the A4 piece of paper carried in his top pocket folded 10 times over itself, critical information on every side If ever there was – a change of time a critical van number, a delivery address, a new contact at the pick up point, it was all on this piece of paper kept safe in his top pocket, All of them meticulously kept in his tour files forever to be referred to at some future time. We were going through some files last week and we found the truck pack and drivers details from AC/DC ball breaker tour back in 97 the drivers mobile phones were still 018 numbers.

I remember the early days back at Show when Sharlene would pack his lunch up in a little blue esky with sandwiches, packets of chips, chocolates, maltesers, twisties and an apple, we couldn’t wait for Terry to arrive at work in the morning. Nicko would eat the sandwiches, I would eat the chips, Mark Flynn the fruit.  No one but Terry was getting the chocolates. We would all order chicken and chips for lunch or pizza, Rod Mathews would often pay and Flynny would go up to Mascot to pick it up, and of course keep the change. And Terry would go home with an empty lunch box, Then we would do it all again the next day. His love of chocolate and lollies was legendary. If you needed a sugar hit there was always a tempting delight in the top draw of his desk He loved nothing more than sharing a family block of Cadbury chocolate with all his mates.

Terry was known to us by many different names, Dad, bro, mate, Tezza, Tossa, Tel, sometimes Mr Terry!!!  But if you knew him, you knew his love of life, his total commitment to his family and friends, and his complete honesty, and incomparable work ethic. His sense of humour his love of life and most of all his calmness, I will remember forever. I like all of you, loved him and will forever have an emptiness now he has passed, but I am so proud, and grateful, and I thank god that I had the opportunity to be a part of his life and share his friendship for so many years. He was a unique person and we are all going to miss him dearly. I am certain if there is a tour happening in rock n roll heaven you can be sure Terry Turner is doing the trucking.

Keep on truckin tessa

Thank you Phil Duncan


I have been asked to deliver this eulogy today on behalf of Graham Fear who is in Los Angeles and has been very saddened by Terry’s passing. Graham Fear writes:

Last week when I arrived in Los Angeles I was very shocked to be advised by my office about Terry’s death. I have had the privilege of knowing Terry Turner the as he started his “transport journey” with me some 29 years ago at TNT Brisbane. A young, brash but very keen person he was placed in the Roadfast Division’s Customer Service office. Providing “Consistent Customer Service” in this period of his early teens and through to his later diversified transport life was the hallmark of his identity and credibility and built the outstanding respect he now leaves as his legacy. The short history of his journey was this: After I moved to the TNT HO in Sydney in 1984 and then on to Show Group in 1987 I soon realised that the business I had taken on needed young talent that knew what commitment was all about. Seeking out known TNT people that had been outstanding quickly led to Terry joining Showfrieght at the Queensland film studios, where he learnt the ropes of building the blocks in a smaller specialised business.

After two years I brought him to Sydney in a more senior operations role which he handled with great zeal. The only unfortunate thing was his confusion as to which team to back in the State of Origin, a problem I know his son Justin had no problem with!!! As he grew with his new roles and stepped up in the company, he set bench marks and standards that personally made me very proud of him because he forgot nothing from those early TNT days just tracking freight at 18 years of age. By his own motivation at our Sydney offices he worked 24/7 representing “the face” of our business and the interests of the customers. A total job commitment is rare these days especially with a young family’s growing demands, but Terry delivered over and over and nobody could ask or expect more. Like any opportunity that presents itself, Terry moved on after our shareholder changes. In any business environment there is nothing wrong with a new direction but inevitably it did create a gulf in our ongoing dialogue and communication but not in any mutual respect.

Disappointing as his departure was then, nothing is as devastating as his departure today from all our lives. I had the opportunity in recent months to speak with him, the last being on Christmas Eve. I think we both felt a lot better for what we said to each other. Whilst competition had divided us for some time I join all our staff in passing on our condolences to his work colleagues. I particularly share Sharlene, Justin, Tanika and Tabatha’s grief and pray for God’s guidance as they now live and face life without him.

God bless you Terry. I love you heaps son.

Graham Fear

47 comments on “Eulogies

  1. Audrea, Frank and Victoria says:

    We were deeply saddened to hear Terry passed away. We really enjoyed having him over, especially BBQ time. Please except out most sincere sympathy and condolences. We truly hope that you, the ATS team and family can gather the strength and courage during this difficult time’

    Audrea, Frank and Victoria
    EFM Germany

  2. Paul Dainty & Team says:

    ‘We extend our deep condolences to Terry’s family and the team at ATS. He was one of the champions of the industry and the enormous supporter of DCE over many years. He will sorely be missed’

    Paul Dainty & Team
    Dainty Consolidated Entertainment

  3. Kirsten & Harry says:

    ‘To all at ATS we were both shocked and sorry to hear about Terry. Our thoughts are with you all’

    Kirsten & Harry

  4. Stageco says:

    ‘We are sorry to hear of the death of Terry and we would like to express our deepest sympathy’

    Stageco, Germany

  5. Robert Fischer & Mark Giles says:

    ‘It is with deepest regret that we have heard of the passing of Terry, we wish ATS and Terry’s family all the very best during this difficult time’

    Robert Fischer & Mark Giles
    Horizon Entertainment Logistics

  6. Jan & everyone at SEG says:

    ‘To all at ATS, we’re deeply saddened to hear of Terry’s passing. Our thoughts & warmest condolences to you all’

    Jan & everyone at SEG

  7. Orix Team says:

    To the whole team at ATS, condolences on your loss. Thinking of you all during this time’

    Orix Team

  8. Paul Ryan says:

    ‘Please add my sincerest condolences to all on the passing of Terry. I have worked with Terry on numerous projects over the last seven years and I have found him to be a true gentleman. He was exceptionally helpful often pointing me in the right direction on numerous logistics issues and always prompt in getting me a response to the many queries I had. Even under enormous pressure, Terry would keep his cool and strive for a solution to every problem. I was also lucky to spend time with Terry in social situations, outside of work, and I was impressed with Terry’s commitment to his family and his easy going manner. I will miss him dearly’

    Paul Ryan
    Staging Rentals

  9. Fabian Schulte –Terboven says:

    ‘I was in Brazil over new years and when I returned last week, Okan told me the sad news about Terry’s fatal heart attack. I was really shocked as I well remember out last phone call during Brisbane and how he was optimistic about returning to work and taking it a little easier in the future. Even though I have only known him for a short time, I truly believe he was a great guy and is a good soul lost way too early!’

    Fabian Schulte –Terboven
    EPS Germany

  10. Andrew Gilmore says:

    ‘Phil & Chris I was at the service but missed both of you with the large crowd in attendance. Phil you spoke very well and from the heart. Chris thanks for the call that Terry passed on. Hard to say much more about a great bloke’

    Andrew Gilmore
    K&S Freighters

  11. Martin Rutter says:

    ‘Tragic news about Terry, he was one of the good guys’

    Martin Rutter

  12. Andy Lovell says:

    ‘I just heard about Terry, it is such terrible news. My thoughts are with you all at this time’

    Andy Lovell
    Sound Moves

  13. Colin Skals says:

    ‘I just heard about Terry. I am as shocked as you all must be. Can you please pass on my condolences to all the ATS lads and his family.’

    Colin Skals

  14. Eugene Ho says:

    ‘Our condolences to Terry’s family’

    Eugene Ho
    RCS Singapore

  15. Stage and Screen Travel Services says:

    ‘We are so sorry to have heard about the passing of Terry. Such a sad loss of a great man. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all’

    Everyone at
    Stage and Screen Travel Services

  16. Denis Sheahan says:

    ‘I have only just found out the news about Terry upon receiving this email so this has come as a massive shock. All I can say is that my thoughts are with you and his family.
    Terry was an incredible support to me over the years, he was a gentleman of great honesty, generosity and integrity. He will be greatly missed’

    Denis Sheahan
    Denis Sheahan Event Management

  17. Theresa Famularo says:

    ‘I have just heard the sad news regarding Terry’s passing. Please extend my condolences to all there’

    Theresa Famularo

  18. Anthony Petruzio says:

    ‘It is with great sadness I hear about Terry’s passing. One of the true gentlemen of the industry. My condolences to the Turner family and the ATS family on your loss’

    Anthony Petruzio

  19. Jon Pope says:

    ‘Terry Turner – the man that never said “No I can not help”. He would answer that phone ANYTIME.
    My mate, my boss, my saviour on so many occasions. I will miss you’

    Jon Pope
    ATS logistics

  20. Chris & Anne Woods says:

    ‘I am going to miss you mate, this is not easy. You have been a great friend and boss over the last 9 years, I have learnt so much from you. All the work stuff aside, you were the always positive one and had a good sense of humour, I am truly a better person for spending those years around you. My wife and I are really going to miss you, thanks for everything you have done for us and all around you. To your family, my thoughts are with you, he was a proud dad and always had your best interests at heart. If there is anything I can do just let me know. Take it easy Tezza!

    Chris & Anne Woods
    ATS Logistics

  21. Michael Jankie says:

    ‘Just wanted to pass on my condolences, I heard about Terry last night’

    Michael Jankie

  22. Jenna Brubaker says:

    ‘A man with a personality who made everyone around him smile. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him. It was a great opportunity working with Terry over the past 18 months. He really brightened up the office and would always come out of his way to have a chat with you and make you laugh. I will miss his jokes, bubbly personality and his positive and inspiring attitude towards work and life. I will always remember this. We both had a love for our sweets and we would always raid each others draws for lollies and chocolate and would makes jokes about who had the most. We would both buzz each others phones when we had something new and say quietly, come and look at what lollies I have in my draw today and either of us would yell out ‘what lollies have you got?” so that everyone would hear and then we would have to share them out. We got each other every time and would say “that’s it, I am not telling you next time I have them because you’re going to tell everybody about it anyway”. Ha ha ha always had a good laugh about it. I send family and friends of this wonderful man my condolences and sympathies. I am sure he would want you all to be happy when you think of him, than to be sad. I know that when I think of him I will smile, be happy and grateful that I knew such a lovely man. He will be looking down on you all and taking good care of you.
    We will miss you Tezza’

    Jenna Brubaker
    Reel Freight Solutions

  23. John McGowan says:

    ‘Terry I see the blue boxes and there you are. I see the equipment and its you. You are apart of us, without you we stop, broken. In time we’ll rebuild, and do so in your memory. I love you like a brother mate. Thank you so much for your advice and the memories’

    John McGowan
    Reel Freight Solutions

  24. Jaimee-lee Orth says:

    ‘Terry was the most laid back and happiest person I have ever met, he would come in with a smile on his face and the phone stuck to his ear. I am so blessed to have worked with Terry if only for a short time. He would always find someway of making you laugh with one of his not funny jokes and made sure that this workplace was a happy and fun place to be just like a home. He has left a hole in the ATS team that can never be filled, and will be sorely missed and irreplaceable. My condolences go out to his family at this difficult time and hope they always remember him as the bright and bubbly person we all knew him as. I will never forget the ‘Hi bub how are you?’ that will stay in my heart and mind forever. We will miss you Tezza and you will forever be in our hearts’

    Jaimee-lee Orth
    ATS Logistics

  25. Colin & Maria Pye says:

    ‘No one truly comprehends the loss that you are all feeling and the sadness you must be going through. Sometimes we can not find the right words to say, sometimes we can only stand beside each other and let our closeness say what words cannot. Know that our thoughts are with you’

    Colin & Maria Pye
    Reel Freight Solutions

  26. Gary Lomax says:

    ‘ I have only just learnt about the sad passing of Terry, I have worked on numerous concerts for Terry over the years and considered him a very good acquaintance and friend, he will be sadly missed my sincere condolences to all friends and family’

    Gary Lomax

  27. Clare says:

    ‘Sending our thoughts your way, I was just made aware of Terry’s death. Sending our condolences and thoughts to you all’


  28. Garry Brokenshire says:

    ‘I am in Los Angeles this week so I can’t be with you today. I was deeply saddened to hear of Terry’s passing and we have all lost a great friend and he will be truly missed by all. Terry was always there for me not only in our working life but as my friend, it will not be the same without you mate! We will never know why the great people are taken from us so early in life but my take on it for Terry is the legends are doing a tour upstairs and the trucking Is a MESS! And we all know there is only one guy who can sort it all out for a tour that big!
    Travel safe Terry and gods speed!’

    Garry Brokenshire
    Backline Australia

  29. Ingrid Cruse says:

    ‘Dear Phil, I wish I was emailing you to have a chat, shame that doesn’t happen anymore…. In times likes these it certainly makes you think about life. I am sooooo very sad and sorry to hear about Terry’s departure from this land, as I am sure you all are, completely shocked and in amazement. Such a young, loveable man. I wish you all well, I pass on much peace and love as I possibly can and just in still inside us the many memorable moments over time we have all shared in our daily thoughts’

    Ingrid Cruse
    National Travel Manager Showfilm Australia

  30. Pia Di Paolo says:

    Very sad to hear about Terry. Condolences to all that were close to him. Life deals out some unjust hands sometimes!’

    Pia Di Paolo
    Andrew Kay & Associates/ HVK Productions

  31. Dave Allpress says:

    ‘Please extend my condolences to all, and sundry, regarding Terry. It’s a sad day for us all. He was one of the few men who made my world move. He will be sadly missed by me, and I venture to say, all who knew him. Thanks again’

    Dave Allpress
    Fear and Loathing Productions

  32. Michael Oberg says:

    ‘I am in shock and feel totally empty- gutted – I feel for Terry’s family and loved ones, and of course, all you at ATS and the whole of the Australian Music Production industry are Terry’s family and loving friends. I am saddened that I can’t be there on Monday. My thoughts and prayers will be there with you all though.

    Michael Oberg
    Production Manager- The Killers

  33. Michaela Jane Travers says:

    ‘To everyone at ATS and all of Terry’s family and friends, I am sending my condolences for the sudden loss of the great Terry Turner. I am so sorry to hear of this awful occurrence as Terry was such a great guy. He helped me and many others with so many things and was always so happy and cheery even at the early hours of the awful first light load in’s. Thinking of you all and sending lots of hugs!!!’

    Michaela Jane Travers
    Escape The Fate

  34. Marcus Whitaker says:

    ‘Dear Phil, Turner family and all at Australian Touring Services.
    It was with the deepest shock and regret that we learned of the death of Terry Turner. It was a privilege to work with Terry over the past 5 years and to know him as an exceptionally hard-working business man, whose two great loves were his family, and the business. His acute business sense, and unique sense of humour will be greatly missed by many.
    On behalf of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, I send your heartfelt condolences and sympathies in the loss of this remarkable man’

    Marcus Whitaker
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation

  35. Andy Laurenson says:

    ‘I have emailed rather than called you as I know you are very busy and taking many calls. I also wanted to make sure I said what I really meant. This is a sad time, I thought about sending a card or flowers to Terry’s family but truth is I don’t really know them and in all reality I believe you two have been family to him for many years. Circumstances may have changed over the years but that does not take away the fact that you are a top bunch of blokes and now there is one who will very much be missed. A great man!!’

    Andy Laurenson

  36. Justin Allen says:

    ‘Tanya and I wanted to say how sorry we are with Terry’s passing and the grief and personal loss you must be feeling. Terry was a good man and will surely be missed both personally and by the industry. We send you and the team at ATS our sincere condolences’

    Justin Allen
    Show Group

  37. Penelope Willo says:

    ‘I am sorry to hear about the passing of Terry, please send my condolences. What a shame and a shock’

    Penelope Willo
    Love Police

  38. Peter Marsden says:

    ‘I am shocked and saddened by the news of Terry’s sudden passing. I have known and dealt with him since the late 1990’s and he always went out of his way to assist us with our meagre needs. I remember him with a smile on his face and a joke at hand. The entertainment industry will sorely miss him. I did not know his family at all, but could you please pass on our condolences to them and his extended family at ATS.
    He will be remembered in our thoughts and prayers’

    Peter Marsden
    Brisbane Backline

  39. Simon Main says:

    My sincere condolences for the loss of Terry. It is with great sadness that I write this e-mail’

    Simon Main
    Norwest Productions Beijing

  40. Mark Avery says:

    ‘I’ve just heard the terrible news that Terry passed away on the weekend, I am deeply saddened and shocked to hear this.
    Please pass on to his family and tell all at ATS our condolences and please know that our collective thoughts are with you at this distressing time. If we can help in any way please let me know’

    Mark Avery
    AEG ThemeStar LLC

  41. Peter McFee says:

    ‘I just wanted to say that I am thinking of you all at this very sad time, I really don’t know what else to say, Terry was a gem in our industry, he will be surely missed and never forgotten’

    Peter McFee
    Anywhere Event Services

  42. Howard Freeman says:

    ‘Terry Turner always gave more than he took, cared for others more than himself. Had every Aussie quality that sums up a good bloke, always looked forward – never looked back, shared his knowledge as both mentor and mate. He always remained grounded and real, was called tosser but never became one. Being part of his life’s journey has made me forever thankful, he can never be replaced, and will live in our hearts forever vale TT’

    Howard Freeman

  43. Toby Waley says:

    ‘I was deeply saddened to hear about Terry.. . What a loss to the industry. Our thoughts are with the kids and family, and of course you guys at ATS’

    Toby Waley
    Technical Direction Company

  44. Matt MacNamara says:

    ‘Deeply saddened by the new of Terry’s departure my thoughts go out to you all and Terry’s family at this time.’

    Matt MacNamara
    Anything Anywhere Anytime

  45. Rob Miles says:

    ‘Your loss & Terry’s family loss is so great that I can’t find the words to express my condolences.
    All I can say is that myself, Helen and our two girls send our love, sympathy and the most heartfelt thoughts to you all at ATS. Our lives and the industry have lost a very dear friend and a wonderful human being.
    Our thoughts are with you all’

    Rob Miles
    House In The Woods

  46. Nik Tischler says:

    ‘My memories of Terry are what a consistent and reliable bloke he was. He never changed in the time I knew him. From when I just started out in ’92 (and knew nothing) to the present. Terry always treated me with the same consideration and respect.
    He was the reason I drove all the business to ATS. You knew what you were getting with Terry. It didn’t matter when I called him. Either at 3am, after a driver had torn the roof off a truck at the gig, or during the day, to catch up for a chat. I’ll miss speaking to him about both things, because of the respect I had for the man. May god bless him.’

    Nik Tischler
    Michael Coppel Presents

  47. David Rabbitt says:

    Terry I dont think that people would understand the hours mate, the times you and I would talk for an hour or so on the way home just to keep us awake. How can I say you where one of my mentors, my go to when I needed help with trucking, scheduling or just a, your doing ok!

    I still remember the steaks (must have a feed dave) before, during or after a show.

    So mutch knowledge, so much trust………………………Thankyou, I still miss our chats.


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